Large Tree Planters

Precast concrete tree planter are ideal for adding a natural green element to city streets, shopping malls, and office complexes. Sturdy and highly durable, these fixed planters are easy to handle and install in four sections, each unit comes with lifting inserts and corner connections for quick placement and assembly. Concrete’s natural thermal properties also protect the plants and soil from sudden and extreme temperature changes, and concrete’s superior strength provides extra-strong walls to contain and withstand large root systems of shrubs and trees. These planters are offered in several colors, and with a smooth or textured finish.

Large Tree Planter: 8’ Long x 6” thick x 2’ high
Round: 36” diameter x 24” high
Round: 48” diameter x 30” high
Round: 60” diameter x 30” high
Square: 24” x 24” x 24”
Rectangle: 48” long x 24” x 24” high
Rectangle: 60” long x 24” x 24” high

Product Features

  • create borders, restrict traffic, protective barrier, streetscape designs