Bunker Silos

When it comes to storing, handling, and managing large volumes of grains, sludge, salts, aggregates, recycling or mulch, Precast Systems’ Bunker Silos work better than other storage solutions. These top-quality, durable, with a minimum of 5,000psi concrete panels greatly reduce the potential for cross-contamination, and make moving and transporting stored materials much simpler and easier than ever before. These free-standing units allow for easy expansion or reconfiguration as needed, enabling farmers and owners to accommodate as many bays as required.


  • Corner Section : 8’6″ H x 4’D x 4’L
  • Center Wall Section : 8’6″ H x 4’D x 5’2″ T
  • Standard Section : 8’6″H x 4’D x 5’2″ L or 7’6″ L


  • Silage Storage
  • Airport Noise Barriers
  • Waste Water Reed Beds
  • Raw Material Storage
  • Recycling
  • Salt Storage
  • Recycling Centers
  • Municipal Storage

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