Median Barrier

Median Barriers

A median barrier is a crucial safety feature that separates traffic on divided roadways. Workers place a series of these concrete structures end-to-end, forming a protective line that prevents wayward vehicles from causing dangerous head-on collisions.

Some people refer to these concrete road medians as Jersey barriers because they were developed at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, in the 1950s.

This concrete median barrier’s unique design enables a vehicle’s tires to ride up onto the structure’s lower sloped face. This process gradually lifts the car and pivots it away from oncoming traffic while keeping it headed in its original direction.

Precast Systems Offers Median Barriers for Sale

If you’re looking for reliable, high-quality highway medians for your next road construction or maintenance project, Precast Systems has what you need. As a leading manufacturer of superior concrete and masonry products for various industries, we can provide high-quality road medians. Precast Systems specializes in developing precast concrete products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

The standard concrete median barrier dimensions are 12 feet long, 2 feet wide and 34 inches high. Each divider weighs 5,000 pounds, and their precast concrete construction ensures maximum strength and durability. The modular design also provides mobility and flexibility — you can reconfigure the individual pieces to create a custom median that meets your requirements.

Median Barrier Installation

Besides selling precast concrete median barriers, Precast Systems can also install them for you. If you’re embarking on a do-it-yourself installation project, we can provide expert advice to make the job easier and less time-consuming. We can also ensure that the work meets all applicable safety standards, giving you extra peace of mind.

Applications of Median Barriers

Our median highway dividers can serve multiple purposes:

Protection Barrier

Perhaps the most meaningful use for these medians is creating a safer environment for motorists. Installing the barriers in high-speed, high-traffic areas keeps vehicles from crossing the center line and colliding other cars. In some cases, taller walls can block the headlights of oncoming cars and trucks, preventing drivers from becoming temporarily blinded at night.

Traffic Control

In some situations, you might want traffic to flow in a specific direction. Our barriers enable you to create a wall that guides vehicles in a predetermined pattern. You can also alter the flow by moving the modules to reconfigure the layout. They form a stronger, more impenetrable barrier than other, more temporary solutions like delineators, barrels and cones.

Traffic Restriction

You may also want to keep vehicles out of certain areas, whether it’s a construction site, school zone, outdoor event venue or a location with heavy pedestrian traffic. Our concrete barriers can restrict car and truck access more effectively than other methods while providing excellent configuration flexibility.

Block Public Access

Another median barrier application is creating a deterrent to prevent people or automobiles from entering a designated area. Use them to build a solid, portable wall that protects whatever or whoever is on the other side. This valuable security benefit can serve the needs of government buildings and other facilities where incidents involving vehicles ramming people or property are a concern.

Safety Benefits of Median Barriers

Median barriers are instrumental in protecting people on the road and in other locations. Some specific safety benefits include:

Prevention of Severe Accidents

In 2019, the U.S. Department of Transportation Highway Administration found that approximately 8% of fatalities on divided highways result from head-on crashes. By significantly reducing the severity of high-speed, cross-median accidents, these barriers make these dangerous, congested roadways safer for everyone.

Increased Worker and Pedestrian Safety

Highway construction zones are notorious for cars and trucks speeding through without slowing down. Road medians may be the only barrier between workers and negligent drivers. Even if a vehicle veers out of its lane, it will strike the wall instead of pedestrians. A divider can also help the car’s operator avoid a serious accident by redirecting the auto back onto its course.

Safer Winter Driving

Even conscientious drivers can face challenges when operating vehicles on icy or snow-covered roadways. Median barriers can keep cars from crossing the highway and into oncoming traffic when slick conditions cause a motorist to lose control. Drivers in the Northeast and other cold-weather climates can benefit from this potentially lifesaving feature.

Sturdy Design and Construction

Although our median highway dividers are moveable with the help of the right equipment, they are robust and can withstand a heavy impact. The precast concrete is rugged and durable — you’ll have fewer concerns about the barriers being knocked out of place and possibly causing an accident or injuries. Install them in high-traffic areas with total confidence.

Long-Term Solution

Barriers made from materials such as cable or plastic are far less durable. What’s more, precast concrete versions offer more permanency. These options are free of weak spots in the barrier that a vehicle could penetrate. As a result, precast concrete median barriers prevent more incidents involving other drivers.

Why Choose Precast Systems for Concrete Road Medians?

At Precast Systems, concrete has been our business for nearly a century. We’re a fifth-generation, family-owned company headquartered in Chambersburg, PA, that makes quality our top priority. While we’ve expanded our product lines over the years to support our rapidly growing customer base, you’ll still benefit from the same commitment to service we’ve provided since 1923.

Our Precast Systems, LLC division, based in Greencastle, PA, is perfectly positioned to meet all your concrete median barrier needs. We manufacture our products with high-quality concrete while paying close attention to detail. We can provide median barrier products for all types of commercial and public roadway projects and deliver customized, cost-effective solutions.

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