Our concrete bollards created added security to any situation. Whether they are protecting pedestrians, a building or delineating a certain area our versatile bollards will be the solution to a safer setting.

Concrete Bollards

Most passersby won’t think much about them, but the concrete pillars outside of many buildings perform a vital function. The pillars, which are actually concrete bollards, are there for several purposes. Most notably, they protect pedestrians and buildings from runaway vehicles. Other uses include delineating traffic and walkways and providing a form of landscaping.

When they first became popular in the ’90s, they could be a bit of an eyesore, but now, concrete bollards are often a landscaping feature as well as a security one. They come in a variety of styles and finishes available to match whatever design scheme you already have. Bollards can even be a sculptural piece or a place for greenery.

Precast Concrete Bollards for Security

The primary purpose of bollards is to protect anyone walking by from the hazards of the road. They can keep pedestrians safe by providing a sturdy barrier if a vehicle tries to go over the sidewalk. Another benefit of this placement is that they protect the buildings as well. A car cannot fly through the window of a building so easily if concrete security posts are there to stop them. Bollards are common at entrances to businesses and on academic or corporate campuses.

With such a high-impact job to do, bollards must be more than strong. There’s a reason that they are typically concrete. Concrete is a combination of rough aggregate materials, like stone, bound together with cement. It is excellent for outdoor applications due to its weather-resistance and ability to be reinforced. Concrete can be extremely strong, with a compression strength of up to 15,000 psi, though 7,000 psi is more common. This number is a measurement of how much stress the material can undergo without fracturing.

Concrete struggles in its tensile strength, which measures how well a material withstands being pulled apart. To address this, bollards usually combine with steel or rebar to improve their strength even more and help them maintain their structure. Steel is exceptionally strong, easy to work with and affordable.

No matter which sturdy material it uses, bollards are made for strength. They can keep guests and pedestrians safe from the dangers of traffic without putting unsightly additions on the premises.

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Benefits of Precast Concrete Bollards

Bollards don’t end with added security. There are many reasons besides safety that a business might employ concrete bollards, as they can prove useful for organization and beautification, among other functions.


For such a straightforward design, bollards can accomplish a lot of tasks, such as:

  • Protecting bikers: Bollards aren’t just for pedestrians, as cyclists can benefit from their safety at bike lanes and racks.
  • Protecting diners: Many restaurants, cafes and bars offer outdoor seating to their customers. Bollards can provide an extra level of safety for these guests, keeping traffic out and separating the dining area from the sidewalk.
  • Designating walkways: To better manage foot traffic, bollards can also be applied to walkways, directing pedestrians to the proper areas. This setup works well for campuses, too, to designate where the road ends and where the sidewalk begins.
  • Parking delineation: Keep cars out of areas they shouldn’t be with bollards in parking lots. They are also suitable for separating bike and motorcycle parking from the spots for vehicles.
  • Beautification: Outside of function, bollards can have attractive forms, too, serving as a landscaping improvement. Between various surface finishes and a wide range of shapes, they can work in several different areas and with existing setups.
  • Illumination: Some bollards can even incorporate lighting, making them more visible and charming at nighttime.


Though they may have been pretty dull at one point in time, reinforced concrete bollards are now just as much an aesthetic feature as they are a security feature. The shapes are almost endless. They can be cylindrical, square, round or tapered, with cutouts and slits available for decorative purposes. There is also a wide variety of finishes that include earth-toned colors and exposed aggregate. Exposed aggregate is the result of removing the top layer of cement, leaving behind a rough but attractive finish of stones and pebbles. Exposed aggregate comes in different levels and can be light or deep. Deeper exposure shows as much as possible, revealing about half of the stones.

With this versatility, you can make bollards match any existing landscape and pavement. Bollards don’t have to be plain and simple either. Many buildings make use of planter bollards, which allow you to add a bit of greenery to the front of a building. These concrete security planters combine landscaping efforts and security needs. Some people choose to decorate their bollards, making them something of an art installation. Chalk and removable covers make them customizable and more unique. Others still decide to use bollards that are more of a novelty by forming them into sculptures that make it hard to tell that they are security features.


One convenient aspect of implementing concrete security bollards is the lack of maintenance. If a bollard becomes dirty, a powerwash is usually enough to clean it up. The materials are weather-resistant and permanently fixed into the ground.


Between their impressive strength, vital functioning and low maintenance, concrete bollards are an excellent value for anyone looking to help keep pedestrians safe.

One way that precast bollards keep costs down is by manufacturing them with molds. Precast concrete bollards are uniform and easier to maintain quality with. Consistency is much more achievable with precast bollards, ensuring a symmetrical look wherever they are implemented. Cast-in-place concrete is more expensive, with high labor and materials costs. Precast concrete bollards cut back on both fronts, making them consistent and affordable.

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If you need to improve safety, but don’t want to add anything unsightly to your grounds, a precast concrete bollard may be just the ticket. These bollards perform the critical job of keeping pedestrians and bikers safe from vehicles without sacrificing beauty. You could keep it simple with any number of shapes or add planter bollards that bring greenery to space.

Nitterhouse Masonry has been creating products for nearly 100 years, so we know what makes a top-quality bollard. Businesses know that when craftsmanship and customer service are a high priority, Nitterhouse Masonry is there. Find a dealer today to see how we can be your precast concrete bollard supplier.